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A comfortable, low-profile snow helmet with smooth, flowing lines and elegant finishing details, the Smith Women's Compass is ideal for ladies with discriminating tastes.
Length: 0:30

Built for the hardest of hardcore skiers and riders, the Smith Vantage snow helmet boasts the perfect blend of high-performance technology and style for those who demand the ultimate in everything.
Length: 0:30

Offering high-end performance at a price point that won't leave you too broke to buy your lift ticket, the Smith Squad snow goggles feature semi-rimless technology and premium Car... See more
Length: 0:30

The biggest goggle in the I/O family, the Smith I/OX combines the badass features of the original I/O with the largest lens possible and eyeglass compatibility to bring rimless I/O snow goggle awesomeness to everyone.
Length: 0:30

The original interchangeable goggle, the Smith I/O is the standard by which all other goggles are now measured. Its quick-release lens system, 3-layer DriWix face foam, and highly adva... See more
Length: 0:30

A semi-rimless work of art with gluttonous amounts of technology hidden in its minimalist design, the Smith Vice snow goggle provides more style and peripheral vision than you'll even know what to do with.
Length: 0:30

An award winning design, the Smith Variant Brim showcases helmet technology at it finest. ...
Length: 1:02

Pushing the boundaries of helmet technology and style, the hybrid shell Smith Vantage Ski helmet gets the edge over the competition with its low profile design. ...
Length: 0:57

How to change the lens on your Smith Optics I/OX goggles.
Length: 0:42

How to change the lens on your Smith Optics Phenom goggles.
Length: 0:35

How to change the lens on your Smith Optics I/OS goggles.
Length: 0:47

How to change the lens on your Smith Optics I/O goggles.
Length: 0:41

With the commitment to honor Magnum P.I.'s mustache, the Smith Gibson conjures memories of days gone with modern lines and lightweight construction. ...
Length: 0:25

Proportionally reduced in size and scale to accommodate small faces, the Smith Serpico Slim combines high fashion with excellence in optical clarity, UV protection, and glare reduction.
Length: 0:30

Streetwise, deceptively lightweight, and comfortable, Smith's Swindler delivers plenty of coverage with a large silhouette, so folks won't see your shifty eyes as you attempt to con them out of whatev...
Length: 0:24

Not too big and not too small, Smith's Brooklyn Sunglasses are sized just right with a modern, refined shape and performance details that excel wherever your days take you.
Length: 0:37

Fluid lines and a revolutionary outrigger locking mechanism of the Smith I/OS bring rimless interchangeability to an even broader audience.
Length: 1:17

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