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Built to provide touring comfort, convenience, and safety, the NRS cVest Mesh Back PFD can't be beat! The cVest is a must-have for photographers, naturalists, and anyone who likes lots of pockets on their life jacket.
Length: 1:55

The NRS Sea Tour Paddle Jacket combines the best features of a full-zip jacket and a pullover splash top to keep you dry and comfortable in challenging conditions.
Length: 2:03

The NRS Powerhouse Jacket's advanced features provide superior comfort and splash protection so you can extend your paddling season in style.
Length: 1:31

NRS Men's Wetsuit Line...
Length: 2:47

NRS HydroSkin Apparel...
Length: 1:49

H2Core's features enhance, not detract from, your time on the water.
Length: 2:08

Designed specifically for fishermen, sea kayakers, or anyone who just likes to be comfy and have a lot of storage options, the NRS Chinook Life Vest boasts numerous pockets, gear atta... See more
Length: 1:47

Warm, comfortable, and convenient, the NRS Paddle Wetshoes are great for any paddler looking to keep their feet warm and safe while on the water.
Length: 1:36

When the air is warm but the water's cold—or the other way around—the short-sleeve NRS Payette Paddle Jacket is a convenient solution for staying comfortable. ...
Length: 1:06

Take the protection of your kayak, stand up paddleboard, bike, or other outdoor gear into your own hands with the NRS Vigilante Lock. ...
Length: 1:38

Perfect for kayakers, stand up paddlers, rafters, and canoeists, the NRS Chaos Helmet offers the comfort, style, and safety features you want at a great price.
Length: 1:25

A one-size-fits-most solution to whitewater safety, the NRS Havoc Livery Helmet is comfortable, adjusts quickly, and keeps your head safe. ...
Length: 1:24

Keep your kayak's cockpit dry, clean, and critter-free with the NRS Super Stretch Neoprene Cockpit Cover.
Length: 1:20

Keep your feet safe, warm, and comfortable—both in and out of your boat—with the NRS Freestyle Neo Water Shoes.
Length: 1:25

The NRS Endurance jacket keeps you dry and comfortable even if the forecast is not.
Length: 1:24

In wild water trust the NRS attack shoe to protect your toes and grip to rocks like a barnacle. ...
Length: 1:26

Dealing with ropes, oars, and boats can be rough on hands, protection is easy, use the NRS Boater Glove. ...
Length: 1:36

The Boundary Boots from NRS offers coverage in a tall waterproof, neoprene boot perfect when kayaking, canoeing or fishing in cold water. ...
Length: 1:51

Cold hands sure make a day miserable—NRS HydroSkin Gloves are your ticket to warmth. Lightweight comfort also protects your hands from blisters and the sun. ...
Length: 1:27

Protecting your extremities, the NRS HydroSkin sock keep the feeling in your toes when the water gets cold. Tap dancing anyone? ...
Length: 1:15

The Maverick Gloves from NRS will keep you dry and warm during long kayaking voyages. ...
Length: 1:08

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