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A throwback to the old army jungle hats, the Bailey is rugged yet soft against the skin. Fold it up when you don't need it, and stow it in a jacket pocket.
Length: 0:48

Very compressible, you can roll this UPF 50 sun hat and stuff it in your pack or pocket when not needed...
Length: 0:37

A perfect three-season backpacking companion, the EMS Siesta sleeping pad is lightweight, durable, and built to provide years of cozy, comfortable nights in the wilderness.
Length: 1:05

Let kids venture outdoors in rainy, windy conditions—our waterproof, windproof, and breathable Thunderhead Jacket will keep them dry, protected, and comfortable. ...
Length: 0:32

Updated for 2014 with Insotect Tubic construction and Pinneco Core insulation, the EMS Boreal 20° is now an even more perfect solution for your lightweight, three-season sleeping needs than ever before.
Length: 0:48

The EMS Velocity 35 is a perfectly packable, ultralightweight synthetic sleeping bag designed to meet all of your fast-packing needs.
Length: 1:05

Fully featured with clean lines and new technology to keep you as comfortable as possible, the updated EMS Long Trail 70 is a well-thought-out work of art that'll keep you on the trails for years to come.
Length: 1:07

The Windblast takes the edge off a windy day and is packable enough to take anywhere. 3.7 oz of hooded wind shirt protection that repels light rain and fits in your fist. ...
Length: 0:33

At the end of a long day of hiking, all you want to do is relax and rest up for the next day. The EMS Simmer Down 25° sleeping bag makes it easy to settle in and get a good night&#... See more
Length: 0:38

With a pack as well-designed and comfortable as the EMS Wapack 60, you'll wish you could quit your job and just be a full-time backpacker instead (as if that thought has never crossed your mind before!).
Length: 0:43

A versatile favorite, the EMS Solstice Switch 35°/50° sleeping bag has thicker insulation on one side so you can decide how much protection you need overnight.
Length: 0:51

Our best-selling rain jacket, the Thunderhead features waterproof/breathable System Three technology to keep you dependably dry in any rainstorm. Updated for 2014 with a new 2.5-layer ... See more
Length: 0:43

Lightweight and amazingly breathable, the EMS Air Flow Rain Jacket utilizes the new eVent waterproof technology to keep you comfortable no matter your activity. "eVent fabric is t... See more
Length: 0:52

A hybrid that keeps you drier than the standard soft shell and moves better than most rain jackets.
Length: 0:40

Designed for year-round alpine use, the waterproof Helix is made with Polartec NeoShell fabric that offers off-the-chart breathability. ...
Length: 0:37

Eastern Mountain Sports Post Hole Snowshoe Bag keeps your snowshoes and poles together and in one easy-to-carry bag suitable for traveling to the trail head.
Length: 1:16

An introduction to climbing gear by Joe Kinder, Eastern Mountain Sports sponsored athlete. ...
Length: 3:52

Eastern Mountain Sports: Training Event Summer 2011...
Length: 4:20

If you liked the EMS Camp Duffel before, you'll love it now. We added some neat new features and kept the rest the same: still simple, still practical, still built to last.
Length: 1:47

The Vertex is a lightweight technical, panel-loading daypack with a comfortable harness that makes light of any load you throw in.
Length: 1:16

You have lots of gear, and at some point you're going to want to haul it somewhere. So it's a good thing we created this awesome EMS Gear Hauler Duffel for you! With 100 L of... See more
Length: 0:52

Need an ultralight back-up backpack for daytrips or summit hikes? The packable pack is just right for exploring with essential gear.
Length: 2:20

You remembered to bring rope and climbing shoes, but what about the other small items that make or break a climbing trip? Learn more from Joe Kinder, climbing ambassador for Eastern Mountain Sports.
Length: 2:19

Eastern Mountain Sports Brand Ambassador and professional climber Joe Kinder shows you what mantling is all about, how and when to use it in rock climbing and what muscles you'll want to work on to improve your mantling skills.
Length: 1:12

Eastern Mountain Sports Brand Ambassador and professional climber Joe Kinder shares some advice on handling your climbing rope to keep it clean, avoid kinks and make it easier to carry from car to crag.
Length: 3:19

Joe Kinder, an ambassador for Eastern Mountain Sports, explains the climbing technique of "edging" your climbing shoes on rock.
Length: 2:20

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