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The light weight and supremely ventilated Osprey Atmos AG and Aura AG Series Backpacks let you tick away the trail miles in comfort. Featuring Osprey's new antigravity suspension,... See more
Length: 0:52

Like Crocs with even thicker skin, the burliest gaiters we make are designed to function on extended mountaineering trips, in cold weather and in extreme conditions. ...
Length: 1:04

The original, legendary, award-winning, waterproof rain sombrero—tested in some of the heartiest downpours the world has to offer, the Seattle Sombrero is a rainy day classic and a Backpacker Magazine award winner.
Length: 1:02

A strong and effective insect repellent.
Length: 0:56

Easier and faster to apply than sprays or lotions, Ben's 30 Insect Repellent Wipes with 30% DEET allow you to control exactly where and how much repellent you apply to your skin. ... See more
Length: 1:21

A cleverly designed pack for students and commuters, the Timbuk2 Q daypack is a smart, comfortable, and stylish way to carry your laptop and other every day gear.
Length: 1:52

Adventure Medial Kits SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivy fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs 5.8 oz! Ideal for those occasions when you take a wrong turn and are forced to spend an unexpected night out. ...
Length: 1:11

Whenever things start to heat up, the Mission Athletecare EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel acts quickly to help get your body temperature back down. Keep one in your pack, gym bag, or car to cool off fast anywhere, anytime.
Length: 2:38

Inspired by one of Timbuk2’s most popular messenger bags, the Command Backpack is a well-thought-out daypack loaded with tons of convenient features to make your business trips a little easier.
Length: 0:51

More organized than a Swiss Bank and almost as secure, the EMS Four Wheel Jive has a compartment for every bit of gear you carry. The streamlined styling lends it a touch of class, which puts this daypack into a league of its own.
Length: 1:07

Are you sick of looking for a pocket tool that's actually convenient? Well, your days of searching are finally over—the Zootility Tools PocketMonkey performs 12 awesome func... See more
Length: 1:39

Packed with excitement, this multitool is a perfect fit for your everyday life. With all the tools it carries in a small package, you can deal with almost any emergency at home or on the road.
Length: 0:55

The Vertex is a lightweight technical, panel-loading daypack with a comfortable harness that makes light of any load you throw in...
Length: 1:14

Whether you're out for a day hike or traveling the world, the Skytop will confidently carry your necessary gear and travel essentials.
Length: 1:42

The EMS Route 66 foam sleeping pad is lightweight, durable, and guaranteed to help keep you warm so you can get a good night's sleep in any conditions.
Length: 0:51

Sturdy, the Atlas Pack can handle the largest load of textbooks while shrugging off years of college and commuting abuse.
Length: 1:06

A straightforward, streamlined pack, the Drifter is a master in the art of subtle yet sophisticated.
Length: 0:36

Providing a conveniently packable way to securely carry an infant or a growing toddler, the Bitybean UltraCompact child carrier gives parents the flexibility to be ready for anything.
Length: 2:16

A good night's sleep is essential after a hard day in the mountains, one more reason the EMS Dreamy Pillow should be in your pack on every trip.
Length: 0:43

A perfect three-season backpacking companion, the EMS Siesta sleeping pad is lightweight, durable, and built to provide years of cozy, comfortable nights in the wilderness.
Length: 1:05

A perfect three-season backpacking companion, the EMS Siesta sleeping pad is lightweight, durable, and built to provide years of cozy, comfortable nights in the wilderness.
Length: 1:05

Weighing less than that PB&J you packed for your hike, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter is the lightest, most versatile filter currently available. ...
Length: 0:56

For a bag that offers superior warmth without weighing you down on the hike, the EMS Pemi 20° is an ideal option. This 650-fill down bag features vertical baffling and DownTek technology to make it perfect for cold, damp nights on the trail.
Length: 1:04

Updated for 2014 with Insotect Tubic construction and Pinneco Core insulation, the EMS Boreal 20° is now an even more perfect solution for your lightweight, three-season sleeping needs than ever before.
Length: 0:48

The narrow mouth is the original design from Hydro Flask. It It is ideal for keeping your liquids chilled all day. Ice cubes from standard refrigerator ice dispensers fit perfectly through the narrow mouth. ...
Length: 0:26

Coffee and tea drinkers, rejoice! The 18 oz. Wide-Mouth Hydro Flask is now available with the new Hydro Flip lid.
Length: 0:26

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