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The Arbor Cypher Longboard is designed with one thing in mind: to help you go sideways! ...
Length: 1:38

A classic pintail carver made for smooth, open-stance skating, the Arbor Timeless Longboard features a wide, concave platform and large wheelbase for maximum push, speed, and stability. ...
Length: 1:18

The Genesis 44 Longboard—part of Arbor's Roots/Freestyle series—features a drop-through shape, wider standing platform, fiberglass-reinforced flex, and new kicktails for added freestyle versatility. ...
Length: 0:48

Designed for quick rail-to-rail performance, more ergonomic push, and power through turns and slides, the snowboard-inspired Arbor Axis Longboard features a symmetrical shape and drop-through mounting. ...
Length: 1:20

A compact pin with a time-honored tear drop shape and an extended wheelbase, the Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard provides a medium flex and makes an excellent cruiser or a mellow carver. ...
Length: 1:14

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