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The Nemo Astro Air sleeping pad provides three inches of comfortable, air-filled support while only adding 1.25 pounds to your pack.
Length: 1:01

Offering NEMO quality and innovation to those with a tighter gear budget, the Galaxi 2P tent provides a spacious interior and some unique embellishment to set it apart from the competition.
Length: 1:37

Tired of blowing up your sleeping pad after a long hike? The Cosmo Insulated Lite sleeping pad has an internal foot pump, making set-up quick and easy. ...
Length: 1:24

The Nemo Cosmo Air Lite sleeping pad has three inches of support and an integrated foot pump while only adding slightly over a pound to your pack.
Length: 1:22

The Nemo Astro Air sleeping pad provides three inches of comfortable, air-filled support while only adding 1.25 pounds to your pack.
Length: 0:58

The Primaloft insulation in the Nemo Astro Insulated Lite sleeping pad will protect you from the cold even as temperatures plunge to the mid teens.
Length: 1:05

Nemo Meta Series...
Length: 2:16

Nemo Obi Elite Series Tents...
Length: 2:42

Sleep true to form. With its innovative Spoon Shape profile, Nemo's Rhythm gives you extra space where it matters most, along with the superior warmth, softness, loft, and compressibility of PrimaLoft Synergy insulation.
Length: 1:37

The Nemo Tuo series of inflatable backcountry accessories brings a new level of comfort to the sleeping pad. ...
Length: 1:35

The Nemo Bugout Shelter is a lightweight and simple enclosure that keeps you sane from the incessant bugs!...
Length: 1:34

Beautifully designed. Beautifully made. The Nemo Losi 2P tent is dependably sturdy and optimizes interior space. ...
Length: 2:29

The Nemo Cosmo series of pads take inflatable comfort to another level. Cosmo Air is a lightweight sleeping pad with a built-in foot pump. ...
Length: 1:34

Nemo developed a unique method of constructing the Zor pads to provide the optimal combination of weight and insulation for minimalist exploration. ...
Length: 1:14

Forget your typical inch thick backcountry pad, the Cosmo Insulated is a full 3 in. thick to keep you comfortable on your adventures anytime of the year.
Length: 1:04

How to use sleeping pads and pillow valves.
Length: 0:54

With two separate air chambers, the Nemo Tuo air pad keep you insulated and warm, even if you puncture one layer. ...
Length: 1:13

Enjoy a good night's sleep with the sink-into-it comfort of the inflatable NEMO Fillo pillow, which also features 1 in. of memory foam. ...
Length: 0:32

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