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Amped up sound, toned down size for presentations, excursions, and impromptu dance parties. The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 portable speaker amplifies tunes from your mp3 player, phone, or la... See more
Length: 1:12

The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 is both a lantern and USB power hub in one convenient unit, perfect for use on camping trips or during a power outage.
Length: 0:58

An ultra-lightweight power supply capable of charging a Smartphone in just one hour, the Goal Zero Switch 8 is the perfect pocket-sized companion to keep you charged and connected. ...
Length: 0:44

For the minimalist the Goal Zero Nomad 7M solar panel delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ...
Length: 0:42

When space is tight and every ounce counts, the Goal Zero Nomad 27M solar panel uses it's eight highly efficient solar panels to provide plenty of power and conveniently folds into a small, lightweigh...
Length: 1:19

The Goal Zero Rock Out's internal wood structure and bass speakers deliver a full-range of high-quality, portable sound anywhere you want.
Length: 1:30

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit is an ultralightweight USB solar charging system that fits in your pocket.
Length: 2:43

Lightweight portable solar charging system that is equivalent to 30,000 AA batteries. Sherpa 50 Power Pack provides 50 watt-hour of power. This runs your cellphone, lights, or laptop - all at the same...
Length: 2:45

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