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Tired of water bottles that only trickle out water? Get water down your gullet quicker with the Camelbak Chute, featuring an easy-open ergonomic cap that delivers water fast.
Length: 1:02

With enough room for all day hiking essentials and plenty of water, the CamelBak Women's Day Star & Helena 22 hydration packs are built to keep you hydrated so you can stay on the trail longer.
Length: 0:52

Whether you're heading out for just a few hours or for the whole day, these CamelBak packs deliver ample cargo and hydration capacity for an enjoyable hike.
Length: 0:46

Camelbak Antidote Reservoir—the ultimate cure for dehydration.
Length: 0:53

CAMELBAK L.U.X.E. NV, L.U.X.E. & Magic...
Length: 1:28

The CamelBak Baja hydration pack is lightweight, compatible with lumbar PDFs, and has enough cargo space to carry what you need...for epic SUP adventures, you're going to want the Baja on your back.
Length: 1:57

So you want to stay hydrated out on your SUP, but your worried about how much a full pack might affect your stroke? Then the CamelBak Tahoe LR hydration pack is just what you have been looking for!...
Length: 1:29

CAMELBAK H.A.W.G NV & M.U.L.E NV Hydration Packs...
Length: 1:21

Staying hydrated while stand up paddling has never been easier! The CamelBak Molokai hydration pack is super low-profile and lumbar PDF-compatible so you can stay hydrated and comfortable without sacrificing your safety.
Length: 1:38

CAMELBAK Delaney & Venture Hydration Waist Packs...
Length: 1:00

CamelBak Arc Series...
Length: 1:23

CAMELBAK Lobo & M.U.L.E. Hydration Packs...
Length: 0:51

The ultimate reservoir-integrated solution for technical outdoor pursuits ranging from a full day to a full weekend.
Length: 1:37

Delaney Series by CamelBak...
Length: 1:26

The CamelBak Octane 18X is an expandable pack that holds extra gear when the adventure requires.
Length: 1:40

Your water bottle is now your purification device, the CamelBak All Clear makes it easy to drink in the back country.
Length: 1:52

A technical women's hydration pack that is perfect for done-in-a-day pursuits, the Trinity from CamelBak features the new Antidote reservoir with Quick Link system. ...
Length: 1:22

Light, fast and reliable, the CamelBak Delaney Race Waist Pack will take your training routine or race day performance to the next level. ...
Length: 1:16

The FlashFlo LR from CamelBak is the perfect pack for the 1.5+ hour fitness walker or hiker who prefers waist-mounted hydration. ...
Length: 1:09

CamelBak Don, Capo and Consigliere...
Length: 2:25

The ultimate insulated bike bottle, the CamelBak Podium Ice bottle keeps water cold four times longer, to maximize your performance and keep you focused on your ride. ...
Length: 1:05

A versatile pack with enough cargo and hydration for full-day ascents, the Alpine Explorer from CamelBak includes the Antidote reservoir with Quick Link system.
Length: 1:34

The original narrow-gauge hydration pack for mountain biking, the M.U.L.E. from CamelBak features 763 cubic inches of cargo capacity and a 3 liter Antidote reservoir. ...
Length: 1:39

Head out into the backcountry with confidence, the CamelBak Pit Boss boasts hydration and quick access to emergency gear. ...
Length: 2:02

Designed for Women, the CamelBak Roulette carries hydration and gear into the backcountry for winter adventures. ...
Length: 1:57

Keep your refreshment cool for hours with an insulated CamelBak Insulated Stainless Steel Better Bottle. ...
Length: 0:54

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